Prescription RefillsIt is best to have all of your medications refilled at the time of an office visit. Please bring a list or the bottles of all of the current medications you are taking when you come for an office visit. Schedule your appointment before your medications run out.

If a prescription refill becomes necessary and does not require an office call you may call our office to request a refill. We require 48 hours to process a prescription refill. Most prescriptions are electronically prescribed to your pharmacy.

Controlled Substance prescriptions can be mailed to you or you may pick it up in our Immediate Care Center.


Prescription Refills

Login to your Patient Portal to request a Prescription Refill

When calling to request a refill please have the following information available to leave on our prescription refill voicemail:

  1. Patient’s Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Patient I.D. number (Chart Number)
  4. Phone number where you can be reached for questions
  5. Name of the medication and the spelling
  6. Current Dosage
  7. Indicate the pharmacy you would like your prescription electrioncally sent to.  If your prescription is a controlled substance you must pick it up at our Immediate Care Center or have it mailed to you.
  8. If mailing, please provide mailing address

Your physician may choose to charge an administrative fee of $20.00 to process your prescription refill.

If a prescription refill is necessary, please call our office at (269) 375-0400.